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The Potomac / A Journal of Poetry and Politics

The Potomac CoverLooking for an intelligent and creative read? Look no further! Check out the Summer 2010 issue of The Potomac / A Journal of Poetry and Politics for intelligent, thought provoking, and stimulating articles, reviews, and "Quictions," 8 original and entertaining flash fictions including "The Incident," by Wendy Skinner, yours truly.

The Potomac comes from Washington D.C. just a short stroll down from the Whitehouse and is powered by a highly talented and visionary team.

Charles Rammelkamp edits the Potomac. Drawing upon his Midwestern roots, life on the East Coast, and lifelong spiritual journey, his writing "aims for the comic but occasionally misses its mark and lands in the melancholic and even the tragic (The Book of Life), but it’s always full of compassion."

Rammelkamp is joined by Michael Neff, as Managing/Political Editor and Publisher. Neff's talents and experience as an artist, writer, and editor are numerous and some may know him best as Editor-in-Chief at Del Sol Review.

Contributing editors are Mark Doten and John Kryder and Associate Political Editors are Norman "Honey Boy" Ball, Don "D Baby" Thompson, Mike "Z" Zasadil.  (I love the nicknames and wonder if Rammelkamp et al also have such endearments!)

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll discover in the current issue:

Honey Boy Unmasks The Power Elite, Exo-Political Issues of D-Baby, Homo Economicus of Holland, the Upcoming Cure for Diabetes, Six-Legged Warriors, and MORE.

Reviews of In Praise of Falling, by Cheryl Dumesnil (winner of University of Pittburgh Press’s Agnes Starrett Lynch Poetry Prize), The Second Elizabeth, by Karen Lillis (experimental fiction), Pistonhead, by Thomas Hauck (debut novel), and MORE.

In addition to "The Incident," sample Quictions titles include: "The Madness in the Mothers," by Robin Billings; "The Kielbasa King," by Ryn Gargulinski; and "Men with Single Ears," by Matthias Krug.

Readers can dole out the sumptuous content of The Potomac / A Journal of Poetry and Politics in small bits, lasting several days or weeks as its ideas, poetry, and stories soak into your brain and soul. For writers, it provides a serious venue with an appreciation for commentary on current events as well as literary arts.

The Potomac / A Journal of Poetry and Politics feeds both the mind and spirit. It's worth a visit!